The playground

Image Styling
Take a look at some of the techniques you can use for styling images. Fade in, zoom, polaroid, screenshot, align and caption.
Image Styling
Table Styling
Beautifying your tables with predefined styles can be a powerful way of bringing a wow factor to your site.
Typography at your user’s fingertips. Start by placing your mouse on your text and choose a style from the editor's ‘Styles’ dropdown list.

Image rollovers
Having graphical images that come into focus on the mouse over can also be a great way to add more flair and interaction.
Ordered Un-Ordered List
Ordered & Un-Ordered List
A little known secret is that lists can have their own custom properties. Right clicking on your list type - select properties!
Drag-n-drop Image upload
Drag-n-drop Image upload
Utilise the power of HTML5 and drag-n-drop your images straight from your computer to the editor.

All this stuff comes packaged in the JCK Editor so if you like it, you can download it FREE!